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                            Husker Trading Privacy Policy and Business Disclosure

Husker trading will keep individual information of our clients and those who do business / cash grain activity /
with our clients private. We will only collect information needed to service our clients. We will only share that
information with individuals required to deliver our services to our customers. Everyone with Husker Trading
has received at least minimal privacy training. We will maintain customer privacy even if a customer decides to
no longer be a client. We establish strong safe guards to keep information protected. The principals and
potentially other individuals associated with Husker Trading are also licensed series 3 brokers. The principals
run a branch office of FuturesOne, providing quality brokerage and risk management services. Everyone
associated with FuturesOne has also received privacy training to ensure the confidentiality of customer
information. Information will only be shared with individuals involved with servicing the customer business and
maintaining the customer paperwork.    Husker Trading does not intend to share the information with anyone
not associated with the company unless otherwise directed by the customer.

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